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Verne Gingerich is the current Gingerich in charge of the day-to-day operations at the farm.  This is his area to talk about . . . Well, whatever he wants to.  Enjoy!
Any of you who have visited this page in the past have probably noticed that one of the last things talked about was our first organic blueberry field planting.  Due to unfortunate delay's, it has been a long time since our website has received the attention that it needs. 

In that time, those same blueberry plants have gone through their 3 year waiting period.  Only receiving organic approved applications and practices during that time.  This past summer, we received our first Field Organic Certification for those same first 12 acres of blueberries.
Our packing operations have received Organic Certification for many years now, but this was the first time for our farm to receive Organic Certification for one of our fields.  We were quite happy about it. 

We have another 12 acres only a year behind the first field and this field passed it's "in transition" inspection and should be certified next summer.  Our certification was done through Oregon Tilth, one of the regional NOP (National Organic Program) certifying bodies.  They have been doing our packing facility Organic certifications in the past.

Also this last summer, the farm received its first ever GlobalGAP  & Primus certifications.  GlobalGAP is a farm certifying body that originated in the European Union (EU).  It was originally known as EurepGAP.  Although their inspection covered a wide varity of areas on the farm and fields, it seemed to focus on overall good land stewardship and ecologically sound farming practices, aiming at where, with-what and how we were farming and growing our crop. 

Primus is a well known and respected food safety certifying body.  We have been certified through the USDA Federal/State GAP/GHP program for many years now, and we still are certified through them, but some retailers demand specific inspection programs before they will accept your product.  As with the Organic Certification for our organic field, being GlobalGAP and Primus  certification were both high-points for the farm.

For those who might like to know.  We are currently inspected and certified through the USDA Federal/State program for blueberry fields, general farm and pack shed; Oregon Tilth for our one organic blueberry field, organic farming practices and organic handling practices in our pack shed; GlobalGAP for blueberry fields & general farm; and Primus and Kosher for our pack shed.  We also receive food safety inspections from the FDA and USDA aimed at specific food safety issues, depending on the specific inspection.
Well, that is it from Gingerich Farms Products. Until next time.


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