Getty Pollard is a falcon trainer and has developed a service for farmers to protect their valuable fruit from Starlings by using trained falcons. The trained falcons deter nuisance birds from eating up their blueberry crop.

Noisemakers and decoys have been used to no avail with an outcome over the years in losses of tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention irritating the neighbors. Using Falcon Crop Protection as a deterrent is neighbor-friendly, virtually silent, and it works. The Starlings are genetically programmed to not habituate to the falcons.

The falcons and their handler, arrived in early June in order to provide time for the falcons to learn “the lay of the land” and will remain at the farm until the blueberries are harvested in mid July.

Getty currently owns 30 captive-bred falcons but only travels with a small contingency depending on the amount of acres to be covered. When not working the falcons are in training. Getty utilizes an ATV to cover the entire farm as the falcon soars overhead following him. There is also play time as Pollard swings a leather lure that is attached to a long tether. The falcon will swoop in and try to “catch” the lure.

The falcons are trained to annoy the starlings which will cause them to choose another location where they can exist in peace. Getty states “I train these birds to not kill birds. What we are really trying to do is have a predatory presence in the area.”

Verne Gingerich, owner, says “there were flocks of Starlings before Getty and his falcons arrived and now we aren’t seeing any. The results have been very positive”.

It’s a winning situation for the farmer, the neighbors and the environment. To learn more about Falcon Crop Protection contact Getty Pollard, with B-1RD, LLC at 1.866.712.7127 or on the web at
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Verne Gingerich is the current Gingerich in charge of the day-to-day operations at the farm.  This is his area to talk about . . . Well, whatever he wants to.  Enjoy!
Happenings around the farm

July 2006.
Local Blueberry Grower Uses Falcon Crop Protection™ to Help Protect Fragile Crop

Gingerich Farms Products, located in Canby, in its ongoing effort to incorporate substainable agricultural practices into its operations has brought in Getty Pollard, founder and owner of B-1RD, LLC.
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